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Your own energy storage based on hydrogen

We produce energy storage devices that allow you to be independent of your energy supplier. Use your photovoltaic electricity yourself instead of feeding it in.

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Energiespeicher Anlage von Hydrogen Wasserstoffflaschen von Hydrogen

The flexible hydrogen energy storage from Bajog

The hydrogen energy storage - an innovative solution that combines sustainability with cost-effectiveness. Our compact system uses hydrogen so that you can store and use the electricity you produce yourself instead of feeding it in for little money. Thanks to modern inverters you can be completely independent be disconnected from the network.

Bajog systems since 1990


Here are some frequently asked questions about hydrogen energy storage. You are welcome to contact us and we will consult you via phone. You can find all of our frequently asked questions here.

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How does the energy storing with hydrogen work?

Hydrogen energy storage is based on a closed-loop system that uses renewable energy sources such as solar panels to generate electricity. This energy supplies your household and charges the battery backup. Excess energy is used to produce hydrogen using an electrolyzer, which is stored in our efficient hydrogen storage. This hydrogen can later be converted into electricity, for example when there is a lack of energy, which ensures a continuous and self-sufficient energy supply.

What do I need to become self-sufficient?

To be off-grid with our energy storage system, you only need one energy source. So PV modules, wind generators or other renewable energy sources.

Who installs the system?

A specialist company that is familiar with and approved for hydrogen/high-pressure systems is. Recommendations can be made depending on the location.

Gründer von Hydrogen Gerd Bajog

Gerd Bajog - Graduate Engineer
Founder & CEO of Bajog Electronic GmbH

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