Blogbeitrag zum Thema Energiespeicher und Wasserstoff


End of „remuneration for power feeding“ (German Law)

With the recent phasing out of feed-in tariffs for many solar park operators and private homes, the solar energy world is on the verge of a new era. For owners of small to medium-sized photovoltaic systems, this is a turning point. But there is a silver lining: the technologies around energy storage and hydrogen are opening up new ways to use energy efficiently and at the same time relieve the load on the power grid.
Energy storage plays a central role in storing the energy generated by your photovoltaic system and making it available when there is no sun, there is snow on the PV modules, or the battery storage is empty at night. Hydrogen technologies therefore offer innovative possibilities. With hydrogen as energy storage, you achieve a new level of self-sufficiency. The decentralized production and storage of hydrogen means you are independent from the whims of the energy market and political fluctuations. You can generate, store and use your own electricity whenever you need it – true energy self-sufficiency. Eliminating feed-in tariffs may be a challenge for some, but for informed system owners, energy storage and hydrogen technologies offer attractive alternatives. These developments are not only crucial for the efficiency of your system, but also for their contribution to environmental protection and the energy transition. We have been working on this topic since 2008 and have been energy independent ourselves for many years